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Welcome to SearchtheJungle SearchTheJungle.com is a new job search site. Launched in 2017

We designed the site with small to mid-size business in mind. Most of these business have limited recruiting budget. Searchthejungle.com offers the perfect solution for business owners who don't want to be limited by their budget to find the best qualified applicant.

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Pricing Posting is completly free.  All postings are good for 30 days. and automatically expires 

Job Posting Renewal If you like to repost / renew , you can log into your account and click on the repost to automatically extend it by another 30 days

Privacy and Spam Employer's contact informatin is not published.to protect privacy and avoid spam emails/junk calls Applicant information is directly pass on to employers and no private information is kept on our servers. The communication is directly between the job applicant and the employer thru email relay.

Sponsored Links Sponsored listing provides a more focused job search for those business with multiple job listings. Your buisness name or logo is displayed on the front page and shows only your company listings. Please email us if you are interested in the sponsored listing. The sponsored listing price is $15 per month.

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